With every purchase that you make on our website you earn our Loyalty Points. Here’s how it works.

For every 1 Euro spent on our website, we credit your account with 1 Point. Once you reach 50 Points, we give you a 5 Euro Discount. Here’s an example.

You spend a total of Euro 300 on our website and you now want to buy another Limited Edition Print. Your account should show 300 credits. When you reach the checkout page, you can simply use all or part of those points to convert them to a Discount. If you want to use all 300, that means that you would be entitled for a total Discount of 30 Euro (remember, for every 50 Points you get 5 Euro credit).

That’s all! And at any time you can always check the balance of your account by clicking on the “My Account” link at the top of the page or on the left of the page when you are in our store.